Telephone Systems Solutions

If you’re looking for a new business telephone system, TelBridge are on hand to help. We have been installing telephone systems for businesses around South Wales for many years. Unlike other telecoms companies, at TelBridge we’re not tied to one telephone manufacturer. This means that we can tailor our proposal to suit the needs of your business.

At TelBridge we are suppliers of Panasonic and NEC telephone systems, this means we have a product to suit all businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are a small shop, office or even national organisation, we have phone systems for organisations with 2 to 2000 phone users.

Small Office
Our NEC SL1100 telephone system is the perfect technology for the small business office of up to 16 or so users. At TelBridge we understand that the needs of businesses vary, that’s why we’ll work with you to understand how your business operates. If we understand what makes your business tick, we can tailor the configuration of the SL1100 phone to meet the needs of your business not just today, but into the future.

Large Office
If you’ve got a large business, either one large office or multiple offices across the country then the NEC 9100 telephone system is designed for you. The NEC 9100 is perfect for running a call centre and flexible enough to power multiple doctor surgeries. It is scalable in size so can accommodate changes in working practices, whilst remaining easy to use.

For those looking to keep costs to the bare minimum, the choice of refurbished telephone equipment is perfect.

Many companies choose to lease their telephone system on three or five year terms so we are able to source this equipment at reduced costs once the lease is finished.

Many companies choose to lease their telephone system in order to free up working capital for elsewhere. TelBridge are able to offer a complete finance option for telephones, routers, switches, bridges, cabinets and other necessary equipment. In most cases, the cost of equipment, service, shipping, installation and maintenance can be included in the agreement. Our leasing service offers a ‘hassle-free’ finance option.

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