Broadband for business

If your business goes offline, you will lose money

If your business suddenly cannot connect to the internet, you’re losing customers, money and reputation. In 2016 nigh on all businesses are reliant on the internet to function.  Without internet access your business can lose the ability to send and receive emails, access online ordering forms, access online stock databases, access online booking systems and make or receive video conference calls. Problems caused by a loss of internet connection can also have a knock on effect on your company’s reputation. How many times have you become frustrated with a company slow to reply to emails? That could be yours if your internet connection isn’t fixed promptly.

With all that in mind, can you really afford to go offline?

At TelBridge we understand the importance of a reliable, strong broadband connection for your business. In addition, should this connection drop, we know that support and the speed of fault fixing cannot be underestimated.

We believe that you get what you pay for. Our broadband connections are resilient and reliable as “up time” is the most important part of service delivery. That being said, we believe our rates are competitive and part of a high quality package. No two businesses are the same, so why should the products and services on offer to them be the same. Our team will meet with you to discuss your needs. From that, we’ll go away and design a tailor made package, specific to your needs.

Under broadband services, we offer businesses Wi-Fi solutions, fibre broadband and leased lines.

Fibre broadband is a very strong element of our portfolio as we are able to deliver this to more and more of our customers as telephone exchanges become enabled. You can find more specific information about our WIFI solutions, fibre broadband and leased lines by clicking one of the tabs below.

Based in Bridgend, TelBridge offer support and installation of business broadband across South Wales and further afield. Our engineers and support team are here to ensure you make the right choices for your business. We have a wealth of experience, ensuring our customers get the products and services they deserve. If you would like more information, please call us on 0330 1004570 or use the contact form below. We look forward to working with you!

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