TelBridge is a well established provider of telecommunications solutions to customers in Newport, Cardiff, Bridgend, Swansea and all across South Wales. Our product portfolio includes telephone systems, internet access and internet telephony (Voice Over IP and Hosted), plus computer data network cabling, business Wi-Fi, business Mobiles and CCTV.

We work collaboratively with our customers to produce solutions tailored to their needs, utilising our experience to deliver products that meet the requirements of today and that develop a long term relationship.

Please take a look at the great services we offer and call us on 0330 100 4570, Tweet us, or email us today to help your business to grow.

Business Telephone Systems

This is the clever “box on the wall” that allows you and your colleagues to talk to each other, to the outside world and, possibly more importantly, to receive calls from your customers.

TelBridge can supply, install and maintain the correct telephone system to maximise efficiency for your business.

VOIP / Hosted / SIP Trunks

The buzz word in telecoms at the moment is “IP telephony” which means that calls are made and received over an internet connection, rather than from the traditional telephone network.

TelBridge can guide your company through this change in technology as we are a single point supplier for everything that you need for IP telephony.

PC / Data Network Cabling

These are the cables within your office that hold together your communication network. Sometimes these are seen as a “Spaghetti Junction” of cables that live in a box up in the corner on the wall but, when installed properly, these are an asset for your business

Internet Access

Nigh on every business is reliant on a strong and stable internet connection nowadays be it for data use and/or to carry telephone calls. With so many different types of product available, allow TelBridge to advise and supply the best solution for your company’s needs, be that Fibre to the Cabinet, Fibre to the Premises or Leased Lines.

Calls & Telephone Lines

The mainstay of many businesses and yet many are still experiencing poor service and/or high prices. Move supply to TelBridge for excellent service levels where we deal completely with Openreach on your behalf for any installation or line faults, whilst we still offer competitive pricing to all of our customers.


Poor (or even no) Wi-Fi coverage is no longer acceptable in a business environment, but there is more to consider than simply allowing wireless access: filtering of inappropriate content, security of users, protection of data from others on the network and so much more.

TelBridge have the product portfolio to help with your purchasing decision.


Our plan is simple: it’s SIM only so that our customers can keep their favourite handset or choose whichever they feel best suits their needs. Whether you wish to use o2 or Vodafone, or a mixture of both if you employ staff in areas where different networks have different signal strengths, we have a simple monthly plan to suit your business.